Game Nation 2018

It’s time once again for CIAIC’s annual gathering “Game Nation” celebrating Canada in the video game industry at GDC in San Francisco. Game Nation 2018 is the 7th annual event joining Canadian and International game professionals for the largest networking reception outside the GDC Conference.  Attendees include developers from studios all across Canada, supporting partners and governments, as well as foreign companies interested in Canada. Enjoy some poutine, a beverage, and stop by the photo booth to get a Great Canadian photo! The Canada Game Nation 7th annual edition will host over 800 attendees on March 21st at 5:00pm at Jillian’s Metreon at 175th 4th Street, right by the doorsteps of the Game Developer Conference and Game Connection America.

NOTE: This years event is a closed private eventOnly those that receive an invite could sign up for a ticket. There are no tickets at the door. Entry is subject to first come first serve, to the venue max capacity.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

CIAIC is gearing up to make this 7th edition the biggest and best yet, but we need your support!

CIAIC relies on partnerships to build on long standing tradition and to position Canada as the best place in the world to make video games, in line with our main objectives:

Key focus for this year’s event:

  • Exhibit Canada’s growing video game industry, demonstrating a great place for investment opportunities.
  • A more defined guest list to target Canadian companies and potential international partners.
  • Increased networking opportunities to meet both Canadian and International companies.
  • Continue tradition of celebrating the Canada wide video game industry bringing together studios, partners, and government

Thanks to our partners, past year’s Game Nation events have been a spectacular success growing  to over 800 attendees from across Canada and around the world. Please contact Gillian Hickman, at to become a 2018 Game Nation Canadian Reception Partner.  Please find sponsorship opportunities HERE.



Published by CIAIC

CIAIC, a non-profit trade association founded in 2005, relies on partnerships to build on long standing tradition and to position Canada as the best place in the world to make video games, in line with two main objectives: - To facilitate great networking with international VIPs including publishers, investors and studio heads; and - To give Canadian game developers a chance to celebrate their great accomplishments.

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