CMPA and Ryerson team up for transmedia training

The Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) is collaborating with Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media on a new Transmedia Production Acceleration Program, a workshop and mentorship program that focuses on acquiring skills for transmedia production.

Supported by the OMDC’s Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnerships Fund, this  program will provide 40 transmedia producers with the opportunity to participate in a full-day workshop. From this group, 18 individuals will go on to complete five-month job placements with Ontario-based transmedia production companies.

“This program successfully marries theory with practice, and our trainees will be learning from the best in both these worlds,” said Susanne Vaas, CMPA’s VP of business affairs & recording secretary, in a statement. “Audiences expect to access content across different platforms and channels. This program will help the next generation of producers succeed in creating content to meet viewer demand.”

“RTA School of Media is pleased to be partnering with the CMPA in this exciting professional development program,” said Charles Falzon, RTA School of Media chair, in a statement. “RTA is engaged in the development of transmedia content and new forms of storytelling.”

The Transmedia Production Acceleration Program is currently accepting applications. The deadline is September 4, 2012. For application details and eligibility, visit its website.


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